Netball Management Team

Meet our extremely qualified and friendly team members!

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Coach Michelle

Michelle is a NCAP Level 2 Netball Coach and has been a Netball Coach since 1995. She was a National U15 Trainee Coach (2002) and a National U15 Assistant Coach (2003-2004). With her vast experience, she plays a pivotal role in Sportz Kulture as Sportz Kulture Pte Ltd Director.

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Coach Lizhen

Lizhen is a NCAP Level 2 Netball Coach and has been coaching both competitively and recreationally for several local schools since 2008. She was National U17 Assistant Team Manager (2008), National U14 Team Manager (2008), National U14 Assistant Coach (2013) and Blaze Netball Club Team Manager (2016-2019). Lizhen has also  been playing an important role in the local netball industry as a presenter for both Foundation and Level 1 Netball Coaching Course.  

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Coach Faizah

Faizah is a NCAP Level 1 Netball Coach and has been coaching both competitively and recreationally for several local schools since 2015. She is  also a senior coach at The Netball Academy where she has been coaching at since 2013. She is passionate and committed in coaching and developing netball players from age 5 to 17 years old.


Coach Evangeline

Evangeline graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with Diploma in Sports Management. She completed her Foundation Netball Coaching Course and has been working as an administrator since 2017 and the team manager of The Netball Academy.


Coach Aubrey

Aubrey graduated from Republic Polytechnic with Diploma in Sports Coaching. She has completed her Foundation Netball Coaching Course and will be attaining her Level 1 Netball Course. She is currently playing competitively in a local netball club and is excited to impart her netball knowledge and develop young netball players.

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Netball Programmes

Netball is the largest female team sports played in Singapore and Sportz Kulture aims to introduce Netball to more students in schools and ultimately increases the number people playing Netball. Our netball programmes will introduce students to various netball skills ranging from basic to advanced skills such as, throwing & catching, passing, attacking & defending skills and court work skills. 



Our qualified and experienced netball coaches conducts CCA lessons for all Primary to Tertiary levels for both school team and schools’ development team. Our coaches will work jointly with the netball teachers-in-charge to develop a thorough yearly plan that covers the physical, technical and tactical aspects of the sport. Our netball coaches has attained various achievements for their school teams in the National School Games the past years.

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Our SEP Netball Programme are tailored to holistically approach and engage students through active learning, participation and interaction. Students will also be able to develop their social and emotional skills through the application of intentional teaching of values such as respect and teamwork thus ultimately developing their interpersonal skills and mold their characters. The basis of programme contains basic netball skills such aspasses, footwork, attacking and defending skills. The programme can be specially tailored to best suit your students capabilities. Programmes can be based and further developed from existing netball knowledge or sports capabilities.

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Our Netball enrichment programme are commonly tailored for beginners ora platform to introduce the sports to both boys and girls. The programme can be customized by the needs of the students with the most common programme being 1 to 3 sessions of 1-1.5 hours each. Our sports enrichment programme are as such; 1. Modular Programme for PAL,PE 2. Introduction to a new sport to specific group (Eg. Sports Club) 3. After School Programme 4. Post Exam Programme.

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The Netball Academy (formerly known as The Kids Network) was formed by Sportz Kulture in 2009 to create more and equal opportunities for students to play netball outside of schools. We develop thriving netball players from age 5 to 16 years old through a holistic development programme. We craft engaging programs with differentiated learning, systematic progression and develop game concepts skills through free and competitive play. The Netball Academy holds weekly netball training at two different venues. For more information of our academy, please head to

Our Netball Programs

- CCA Competitive Team  - CCA Developmental Team  - CCA Sports/ Recreation Club - Modular CCA - Post Exam Activities - PAL Programme - Skill Development Camps - Sports Education Programmes (SEP) - Enrichment Classes Netball (AM & PM slots available)


Operating hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed